Sitemap - 2021 - The CTO Advisor

Negotiating with Enterprise Procurement Teams

Managed Service Providers in 2022

$14B, do you know the problem HashiCorp Solves?

The Cost of 99.9% Uptime in AWS

Green Fields - It's more than new technology

Separating the CTO's from Engineers

Lease AWS' 259,090 Server for 3-years

Data Center People - I don't mean to offend you but...

Day 1 in the Metaverse

This stuff is hard - Migration to the Public Cloud

3 Takeaways from AWS re:Invent

The End of The CTO Advisor?

Where should you invest in Kubernetes? The Wrong Question.

Should VMware buy Hashicorp?

What do we need? A faster horse

I don't hate Kubernetes anymore

Kubernetes, the way to Private Cloud?

Who do you trust with your data infrastructure

Kubecon - Here I come

Did IBM Learn a New Trick

Before you quit your job...

VMware Cross-Cloud?

Multi-vendor is Overhyped

Value vs. Friction

VMworld 2021 Day 1 TL;DR

This stuff is hard - Data Center

Do you really know what you think you know?

Automation vs. Command Line

Datacenter networking is hard

Wish List: Software-defined Security

Layering Abstractions

She who controls the control plane

The Power of a Plan

A plan to stop losing!

Do you have "executive presence"

Kubernetes + AWS = Multicloud?

What exactly is a platform?

AWS and NetApp - What in the world?

Abstraction things that don’t work

Everything is the Same - And It's Still Hard!

I'm Smart

Getting Better - One Project at a Time

The End of Servers as We Know Them?

Is VMware in Trouble?

A Lambda Function and an Oracle DB walk into a Network...

My Abstractions have Abstractions

Slow Down!!! So, you can go FAST!

Virtual Conferences, Church, and Happy Hour

Weekend Disaster Recovery Effort

Financing Innovation

So, you want to know about containers?

Cloud System Telemetry Data

What do HP-UX and Serverless have in common?

Perfect Technical Implementation? - So What!

Impact of Remote Work on Employment